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'A Mother's Love': Brand New Daily Turkish Drama Sets Premiere


For the fans of daily dramas, we've got just the perfect one for you this Valentine's day! 

Titled A Mother's Love (Canım Annem locally), the drama series is a co-production between Saran Studios, Pro TV, and Stellar Yapım, the powerhouse production house that brought us not one but two record-breaking series, Elif and Wounded Birds (Omer: Suenos Robados).

A Mother's Love follows the story of Zeynep, an innocent little girl, who loses her mother in a tragic accident. Her father keeps this from her, paying a lookalike to pretend to be her mother until Zeynep is old enough for life-saving heart surgery. The mystery of this lookalike and how she came into Zeynep’s life, mark the course of the series.

The series, which is set to premiere today (Feb 14) on TV8 in Turkey, is led by Selin Sezgin, a fan favorite from Elif, along with a talented ensemble including Erol Gedik, Gece Işık Demirel, Serdar Yıldırım, Dilara Büyükbayraktar and Özlem Savaş

Ahead of its premiere, A Mother's Love has already been pre-sold to broadcasters in Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia, and Moldova.

 A MOTHER'S LOVE Synopsis 

 Zeynep is a beautiful little girl with a loving family. Then one day, her mother, Cemre, is in a horrible car accident. Zeynep was born with a dangerous heart defect, and no one wants to upset her with the truth. Instead, her father tells Zeynep that Cemre is away on a trip. Soon after her death, lies spread about Cemre.  

Her husband Murat, who used to love her madly, now hates her deeply. That opens the door for Murat's mother, Asude, to arrange his marriage to Melek, the woman she'd like to see as her daughter-in-law.  

Eventually, Zeynep learns that her mother is dead and her father is to marry Melek. It's all too much for the little girl, and she has an attack. But when Zeynep's heart is about to give out, a miracle happens:  Zeynep sees Nazli, a woman who looks exactly like her mother. As Zeynep embraces her mom's lookalike, her heart returns to normal.  

With his daughter's life on the line, Murat offers this lookalike a deal. Nazli agrees to become his daughter's surrogate mother until strong enough for life-saving surgery.  

What no one realizes is that Cemre and Nazli were actually twin sisters separated at birth, and it was no accident that brought Nazli here to her dead sister's home… 

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