Yürek Çıkmazı


When Yılmaz is about to kill Kader, Halil arrives at the last moment and saves Kader's life. However, Yılmaz, who passes out during this time, does not remember anything. The police detain Yılmaz for Kader's murder. Halil's aim is not to put Yılmaz in prison for a murder he did not commit.  He will reveal that Kader is alive in exchange for his confession to Solmaz and Cennet. Thus, justice will be served and Yılmaz will only be punished for his crimes. However, for this to happen, Yılmaz must accept that he cannot get away with Kader's murder under any circumstances. When Caner takes on the role of Yilmaz's lawyer and says that he has the evidence to save him, it will make it difficult for Halil and Zeynep to achieve their goal.

 Caner tells Yılmaz that he will present his evidence to the court in exchange for one thing; he will tell Yılmaz who Salkım Göreli is. Halil has become Caner's biggest obsession. He doesn't want to believe that he gave Salkım to Dündar. He is always looking for a loophole. Yılmaz, on the other hand, has actually lied to Caner, he has no idea who Salkım is. When Feride comes to visit him, Yılmaz tells her about his situation. He wants her to get close to Halil and find out who Salkım is; he doesn't even know if there is such a thing, but he will try his luck. Feride, as always, gives in to her father's request. However, her path to help her father will also be the first step of her change towards him.
On the other hand, Saba embarks on a very dangerous game. She will give Halil the video footage of her father ordering the death of her aunt Leyla and blaming the crime on Ali Fuat.  But what she will ask Halil to do in return is very dangerous.