Yürek Çıkmazı


Learning that Ali Fuat was the victim of slander, Halil begins to look at him from a different perspective. He does not leave the warm attention he shows to himself unanswered. A father-son relationship is established between the two over time. Halil also accepts Ali Fuat's job offer because he wants to gain Zeynep's trust and show that he is in Yürek Çıkmazı to stay. Now his only goal is to convince Zeynep of this.

By calling İlker home and disgracing Birsen in front of his children, Yılmaz achieves his goal. Birsen says with her own mouth that she will stay at her father's house. Seray, who clings to the possibility of her mother leaving that house one day, is greatly disappointed, while Yusuf accuses his mother of betraying his deceased father.

Feride, exposed to her father's manipulation, wants to use her pregnancy to chase Kıvanç, but cannot find what she hoped for. His father's request to have natural gas installed in his house is unexpectedly answered by Kıvanç.

It goes to Yilmaz's ear that Ali Fuat and Halil will be partners. He is jealous of the father-son relationship established between them. Yılmaz learned that Ali

Fuat was sentenced to 27 years for killing his wife & devises a plan that no one would think of.