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Yargı (S03E31)


In order to find Ilgaz as soon as possible, the entire courthouse and the police are mobilized with all their units. Everyone shares the smallest clue they have and continues to investigate rapidly from all four sides. Ilgaz, unaware of all this, finds himself in the waves while searching for a way to escape.

While Ceylin is being tested by Ilgaz's absence, she also has to keep the family together and not make Mercan feel anything. Moreover, in the midst of all these struggles, Çınar's court date has come, and there is no one else but Ceylin who can attend the trial. And now everyone is aware of Ilgaz's absence.

Yekta is about to make his last shot in the dangerous Bülent game and settle the score for his past with Iclal. Osman's self-made plans are thwarted, and Merdan will reach out to him in his own way.   

Ilgaz and Ceylin, who have survived many hardships together, perhaps lessening but always growing stronger, are left with a question that is difficult to answer. Does the past, which ties our relationships, our lives, and our present together with unbreakable threads, always remain there with the same rigidity?

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