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Yargı (S03E30)


Ilgaz's determined pursuit of Yeliz quickly leads him into a trap. Moreover, right at the top of the conspiracy is a psychopath who everyone knows has his own methods but whom they have never been able to put flesh on the bones.

Ceylin, who has been paying close attention to Ilgaz's every step all day long, is in for a very troubled time. On the other hand, Çınar, whose trial day has come, needs to find Dilan, who is the key to getting out of jail, as soon as possible and convince her to testify. 

Yekta is about to turn a corner in his plan to catch Bülent by the hand. The danger bells are ringing loudly for Yekta, who is now cornered, and it is his turn to act. Osman, who is determinedly moving forward with his own plan, will hit a wall violently as he struggles for his last move.

Ilgaz is nose to nose with the killer, who asks him how he wants his death to be and demands an answer; he is almost looking into the eyes of his own death. In a world where his loved ones are not with him, every answer is meaningless. His choice will take him on an unexpected journey with an unknown end, far away from everyone. 

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