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Yargı (Family Secrets)

In the journey of life, some knots seem impossible to untie. Every clue that emerges brings us closer to the truth step by step; open the loops one by one. However, the knots we untie do not always bring happiness, in the end we have to go through great pain.
Pain brings other knots; they also put us on more difficult paths. We understand that; The knots that life throws on our destiny will never end...

While both Ceylin and Ilgaz struggle to find İnci's killer, they are tested by their families and loved ones. Ceylin is about to irreversibly lose her family, and Ilgaz, his brother Çınar. Moreover, Pars is determined to put completely different obstacles in front of them.

The intersecting paths of Ceylin and Ilgaz are now about to enter a completely different and sharper turn. The adventure they embark on while searching for İnci's murderer will lead them to the truth as they overcome the difficulties they face together. However, this fact will create a much bigger earthquake for both families, but more importantly, the two of them.