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Yargı (Family Secrets)

Witnessing Zafer's interrogation, Ceylin is faced with facts about İnci that she cannot handle. In addition, the fact that Zafer is on the list of suspects as a result of what he has done in the past almost destroys Ceylin. This time, it is Ceylin's turn to be tested on her father's side, and there will be a great confrontation between the two of them.

Ilgaz, like Ceylin, tries to unravel the secret lives of his father and brother and learn the truth. However, this time he has a very important choice to make about Çınar. Moreover, this choice will lead him and Ceylin to a sharp separation on the road that leads to the truth of who the murderer is.

As they both implement their own plans, the sense of trust they are trying to cultivate against each other will be tested again. Ilgaz and Ceylin are about to pay the price for all the difficult choices they took. Trying to reach the truth brings them closer over time, and causes walls to rise between them and their families. Will they be able to stand against these walls without collapsing?