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Yargı (S01E32)


Ceylin is not even aware that she is in danger of death besides her already chaotic life and emotions. Ilgaz, on the other hand, cannot fit anywhere. He is one step away from sensing the danger Ceylin is in. Will Ilgaz and Ceylin be able to get out of this stabbing situation?

Yekta Tilmen was almost caught red-handed by the Pars Prosecutor in front of the courthouse. Serdar, who has been wanted as a "witness" for a long time, suddenly leaves Yekta's car and will change the course of the whole game that has been set up until now. With Serdar's speech, unexpected and surprising associations will emerge in the case of Zafer's murder.

The obstacle in the way of Ilgaz and Ceylin is not only the danger of death, the shadow of Zafer's death is still on them. What will be the decision they will make at the point of separation, which they have come to with their own choices?

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