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Yargı (S01E31)


Stuck between his family and his love, Ilgaz has made a choice, and neither Ilgaz nor Ceylin can deny the gap between them. While Ceylin is trying to punish the person who murdered her father, Ilgaz's distance is added to this.

The smoke screen about the night Zafer was killed has been opened, albeit a little. The move that will corner Pars and Eren, who are trying their best to reveal the truth as soon as possible, will come from an unexpected place. The case, which was pushed into insolvency, seems to turn the lives of many people upside down. A surprise ending awaits Yekta, who has been watching the event from her corner with pleasure until now.

In addition to all the difficulties they have experienced, an insidious and unpredictable plan is about to surround Ilgaz and Ceylin. Time is running towards an irreversible danger for them.

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