Yalnız Kurt

Yalnız Kurt (S02E07)


Haruncan comes to an end in the operation, he planned to start the Turkish-Greek war. Halit Yıldırım also kidnapped Meryem to stop Altay, who was after Haruncan. Altay is torn between going back and continuing to save Meryem and prevent the war. Meryem, on the other hand, wants Altay to prevent Haruncan with all her courage.

The plan of Halit, who kidnapped Meryem, is not only to prevent Altay. They have bigger goals. For this, he asks Yücel to arrange a meeting with Dahhak.
Doğan wants to hold Gani accountable, who took everything from him. For this, he kidnaps the most special man who runs Gani's business. He wants back what was taken from him in return. But that won't be easy. Gani will not leave this move of Doğan unanswered.
Ferdi, Müstakim, Minnet and Bayram, who are waiting for news from Barış and Altay, have a surprise guest.
Will Altay listen to Meryem and go after the missiles, or will he return to save Meryem? Will Haruncan be able to hit Chios with the last terrorist in his hand? What will Halit Yıldırım talk about with Dahhak? What will be Gani's answer to Doğan? Who is the surprise guest of Yıldırım Team?