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Yabani (S01E09)


As Alaz takes off with the boat he is fleeing in, Serhan is shocked by the statement that Rüzgar gives to the police. As Asi and Cesur accuse Yaman for his statement to the police, Alaz has a new confession to her father, Serhan. When Çağla learns that she is forbidden to see Rüzgar, who is hospitalized in their hospital, she asks Cesur for help. Cesur does not know what to do in the face of the request of the girl he loves. While Yaman sits at the same table with Güven and commiserates, Alaz opens up to Serhan. It's time to pour out what he has accumulated for years about why he hates Yaman. When Çağla learns that it was not only Yaman but also Alaz who put Rüzgar in a coma, she lures them into a terrible trap, using Ruya as bait to teach both of her brothers a lesson. 

While Dr. Güven decides on the surgery necessary for Umut to walk, Serhan pursues an unthinkable plan. According to the plan, Umut will die, and Ece will recover and return home. 

As Serhan and Şebnem are shaken by the information that Eşref wants an autopsy, Serhan teaches Şebnem the lesson of her life. Faced with the accusation of Caner's murder, Şebnem is left with no choice but to run away.

Yaman and Rüya renew their love, while Asi and Alaz are left helpless in the face of sealed love. Alaz makes a move that will shock Asi, while Serhan puts the biggest obstacle in front of Yaman's love for Rüya.

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