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Yabani (S01E07)


Convinced that Yaman was kidnapped by his uncle Caner Soysalan, the Soysalans try to get back on their feet.

Neslihan now asks her children to be siblings again. On the day Alaz and Çağla accuse Neslihan of being the mother she failed to be in the past and open her wounds, Yaman realizes that he is not the only lost child in this family. He promises his mother to be a big brother to Ali's siblings. On his way to save Çağla from Rüzgar, he will experience in the most painful way that Alaz will never be a brother to him.

Serhan, who is now a hero for his whole family, is reignited in his love for his wife when the ice between him and Neslihan melts. This situation makes Şebnem make a very big move to break this relationship. As Güven enters the hospital with his son Yaman, the first of the doors full of secrets of the past, which was thought to be closed, is opened...

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