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Yabani (S01E05)


As Yaman is about to decipher İlker at the dinner held at Rüya's house, the news comes that Cesur was taken from the house by dark men.

Yaman learns that what happened to Cesur was because of Alaz, and raids Alaz at the farmhouse party he organized. However, he will completely lose Rüya's trust as a result of what happened at the farmhouse.  

Yaman is now a real savage in Rüya's eyes. Meanwhile, Alaz wants to take advantage of the tension between Rüya and Yaman, so he decides to open his feelings to Rüya with a big surprise.

While Yaman rushes to save Cesur's life, İlker is out of control. He now threatens his sister Şebnem that he will turn them in if he is caught. Despite all Şebnem's efforts, İlker escapes. 

When Yaman saves Cesur from the trouble he is in, it is too late. İlker is nowhere to be found. However, his collaborator takes him to the fugitive İlker by his own hand. Now he knows who kidnapped him from his family. Now, it is time for a confrontation.

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