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Yabani (S01E04)


Yaman remembered that he was kept in the cellar of Rüya's house during the days he was kidnapped. Rüya's uncle İlker kidnapped him. Moreover, at the request of someone from the Soysalan family... It will not be easy for Yaman to digest this truth. 

Realizing that he is the victim of a dirty game that extends from the family of the girl he is about to fall in love with to his own family, Yaman has opened the door of the past full of secrets, and now there is no turning back.

While Alaz and Çağla are happy that they managed to get Yaman out of their lives, Yaman makes an unexpected move to find out who stole his childhood from him.  His move will upset the balance on both sides again. 

Cesur, unaware of what Yaman is up to, gets himself into big trouble with the ambition to prove that they can survive without Yaman, while the opportunity Alaz is looking for falls in front of him. Alaz is now pulling Cesur's strings... and, therefore, Yaman's... 

Yaman is about to find the answer to the question he has been chasing, unaware of the traps set by Alaz.  Who is Soysalan, who kidnapped Ilker when he was a child? Is it his mother? Is it his father? Or his grandfather? 

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