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Yabani (S01E02)


Yaman is distraught when he escapes from the Soysalan mansion. He is devastated by the possibility that Alaz, whom he beat up, could be his brother and, most painful of all, that the woman he accidentally stabbed could be his mother. Maybe he has found his family, but now he has no face to knock on the door of the house he sneaked in through the window.

The police and Soysalan are looking for him everywhere. But Yaman is determined to find out the truth before he surrenders to the police. Even though he has no proof other than the half-torn childhood photo he has carried with him for as long as he can remember... When he confronts Neslihan with the help of Rüya, things do not go as he imagined... Deep wounds have been opened that will not be closed even if the truth is revealed...

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