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Yabani (S01E01)


Yaman, who has been struggling to survive on the streets for as long as he can remember, has started a family with Cesur, Asi, and Umut, with whom he crossed paths as a child. Unaware of how and why they ended up on the streets, these four young people have chosen to leave their childhood traumas behind and hold on to each other. They are happy despite their difficult living conditions. Their only concern is Umut's treatment. They pin their hopes on a foreign doctor advertised as a "Miracle Doctor" to help Umut walk. However, this doctor comes to Turkey once a year and only sees a limited number of patients on that day. And the examination fee is a sum of money that these children have never seen together in their lives. At the end of a routine day collecting paper, Yaman meets Rüya and Alaz and finds himself on a strange journey. He is unaware that this little adventure he embarks on to help these two spoiled youngsters will take him back to his lost childhood...

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