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Ya Çok Seversen (If you love)

Leyla and Ateş fall into a misunderstanding after their rapprochement. Meanwhile, danger bells ring for Leyla and the team. An envelope in which they will reveal their identities is circulating in the house. Leyla feels a sense of revenge against Ateş as a result of the misunderstanding. For this, she plays a game at an event she attends with the Arcalı brothers. When both of them realize that the truth is not as they knew it to be, the situation changes and things get better between them. Ateş gets tired of his relationship with the children and makes a decision. Leyla, who learns about this decision, embarks on an irreversible path regarding Ateş. The mole in the company causes a major crisis. Leyla plays a key role in solving this crisis. Yakup, on the other hand, is pursuing a dirty plan secretly from the whole team. Meanwhile, the team is unaware of the danger that will lead them to the end of the road. Leyla has never been so close to the danger of revealing who she is.