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Ya Çok Seversen

Ya Çok Seversen (S01E03)


Ateş holds Leyla responsible for Berit's disappearance. Leyla, who is fired, returns to the team. The team is in danger when the last family they defrauded comes after them. Ateş is forced to spend time with the children as they no longer have a nanny. Leyla's absence causes trauma in Berit.  When Ateş realizes the game Ilgaz is playing, he asks Leyla to return. Leyla is not at ease, but she is forced to return home due to the team's pressure. Ateş and Leyla unite due to Berit's trauma, and they get closer during this time.  Yakup's surprise plan shakes Leyla. Nothing will be the same anymore. The suspicion of a mole in the company puts tension between Ateş and Umut. Umut has no intention of giving up control to Ateş. Despite everything, the Arcans unite and make a plan to overcome the crisis that has befallen them. Leyla plays a leading role in this plan. The night ends unexpectedly for Leyla and Ateş. This is the beginning of a new era for both of them. Moreover, Leyla is in danger of revealing her identity.