Tuzak (S01E06)


While Umut is looking for ways to save Ali from Demir, it provides an important opening that Ceren will suspect. At the same time, Umut is with Gülce. They continue to face both their past and the Demir GümüลŸay case. Because of Gülce's weakness for Umut, her feelings and logic clash.  Umut also looks for ways to be friends with Gülce again.

While Mahir continues to regret not being able to save Ali, together with Luna, he experiences the stress of not being able to control the process as he wants. Caught between both the revenge plan and Luna, Mahir struggles to stand up again. He has to prepare for an emotional confrontation with AyลŸe too!

As Ceren approaches getting what she wants in the company's presidential elections, she is faced with Demir's plan that changes all balances. Demir and Ceren, confronted both work and emotionally. This confrontation will have serious consequences for both of them. Ceren combines the information she has learned about Umut with her feelings for him. And the result, it is not a sudden destruction, but a harbinger of the seasons they will embrace together.

Thus, Umut and Ceren's meeting, which started with the mysterious spark in their eyes, will meet again in the eternity of hopeful days!