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Tuzak (S01E22)

While the Yörükoğlu family is enjoying the victory of winning the struggle for justice they have continued for years, a new beginning for Demir rather than a defeat starts. Demir continues his comfortable life in prison as well as abroad.

At the same time, the fact that Ceren stands next to Umut infuriates Demir and the alarm bells are now ringing for Ceren as well.  Umut also maintains his defense mechanism because he knows that Demir will not be comfortable.

Mete reveals to his father that Nil is Umay. Keeping his anger alive, Demir decides to prepare a deadly trap. He tries to lure Güven into this trap first.

Meanwhile, Güven experiences tides because he still can't handle the truths that Umay hides.

Ayşe cannot get over the shock of her traumatic event. Mahir tries to raise Ayşe up with his love.

Luna regrets seeing the final state of Ayşe. Ayşe is forgiving Luna and gives her the money she has saved to leave the house.

Meanwhile, Mahir, Ali and Umut try to figure out how Ayşe was caught.  Mahir and Ali emphasized that despite these bad events, everyone needs a little happiness. They put a sweet pressure on Umut to make a marriage proposal to Ceren. Umut prepares to make a marriage proposal with the surprise he prepared for Ceren. The team members are happier than ever and they prepare at home for Umut and Ceren's engagement night.  

On the other hand, Demir takes action to shed blood on this special night.