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Tuzak (S01E21)

Umut asks Ceren to list Demir's unregistered places in order to locate Ayşe. He also asks Ali to infiltrate the company's real estate.  No matter how helpless the team may feel, they try not to lose hope.  Meanwhile, Gülce confirms that the evidence found by Mahir and Ali reveals Demir's DNA trace and Utku Yörükoğlu's blood. Attorney General Tolga asks Gülce to arrest Demir as a murder suspect.

Umay tells Güven both her true identity and that Demir kidnapped Ayşe and tortured her. Güven can't handle the lie that Umay tells and emphasizes that he wants a divorce when Ayşe is found. At the same time, Güven adds that he will not spare his support regarding this process.

Umut prepares a plan under the pretext of kidnapping to lure Demir into a trap. Demir takes his breath with Umut after the arrest warrant issued against him. Gülce aims to catch Demir by cooperating with Umut. On the other hand, the fact that Umut and Gülce act together strengthens the friendship between them.