Tuzak (S01E16)


Ceren asks Umut to release Güven out of prison. Umut emphasizes that Demir does not allow this situation and needs time. She falls under the influence of her manipulations and thinks that Umut is discriminating. Even though the crisis of argument between Ceren and Umut grows, Umut wants to be by her side by wrapping her heart in spite of everything.

Mete reacts to Umut for catching him. Umut states that this situation is what Demir wants. Mete says that the zerzevatci has erased all traces and cannot understand why his father created such a situation. At the same time, Mete confesses that the zerzevatci cleaned all the dirty work his father did. Meanwhile, Demir wants to cut off his relationship by giving Halil a large amount of money. Halil angrily responds to Demir's move and threatens him. Umut asks Şeker for help to find out who this person is.  If Umut can find Halil, Demir will be cornered like never before!

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