Teşkilat: Season 1, Episode 5

Episode 5 (S01E05) is the fifth episode of season one of "Teşkilat." The episode aired on TRT1 on Sunday, April 4th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 10 users.


Serdar, imprisoned in an explosive-laden van, does not have much time. The bomb will reduce international public opinion in Turkey in a difficult situation if the attack takes place. Zehra, Pınar and Hakkı, on the other hand, have to watch the bomb-laden vehicle go away under the blockade of the German police! While Mete Bey evaluates the possibilities at the headquarters, the team competing with seconds can both save time and prevent the crisis with Hulki's dangerous maneuver!

Neo-Nazis adhering to the plan, the area in front of the magazine come to protest against Turkey broadcasting. Their plans to blow up everyone by showing their captive Serdar among the protesters are almost completely realized! However, even if the team members fall apart, they continue to fight extraordinarily.

In the fight, they also lose a loss: Hulki is captured by Rainer, and therefore Fadi.

His father also struggles to survive in intensive care in Germany.

Ceren suspects she is being deciphered. She's lost Fadi's trust due to his failure in operations. All the balances change when Serdar proposes to her as soon as she thinks that he is at the end of the road.



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