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Tek Yürek

Tek Yürek


Tek Yürek is based on the true story of Halit, a Turkish ice hockey coach living in Canada with his family.

One day, while he is driving, he has an accident and his wife dies. Then he returns to Istanbul with his daughter and son, to start a new life. There he discovers an abandoned ice hockey rink and builds up his dreams. He forces these six idle boys to form a ice hockey team although all they formed up until today is a criminal gang. However, since these boys lost all their hopes in life many years ago, they attempt to reject Halit’s offer for a sport they have never heard of before. Yet, Halit has no attempt of giving up and he never gives up until that day when his team won the European Championship. Tek Yürek is a journey to regain hope and motivation in life, and no matter how challenging things get, they will learn to overcome once they stand together for one.

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