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Son Yaz

Son Yaz (S01E02)


Selim and Akgün moved to the Justice Site, opposite Canan's house. While only Altay from the Kara family welcomes Selim's surprise, Canan and Yağmur feel deceived. Canan is very angry with Selim because she realizes that Selim does not respect her decisions at all, and she can no longer contain his anger. She tells Selim that he will not play his tricks and that she will not lie for him. On the first day of their family gathering, the children will learn that they will divorce. Selim realizes that it will not be easy to convince Canan this time. He then asks the happiest couple she knows, Emel and Metin, to help him. While Emel takes the side of his sister, Metin will help Selim on the low.

Akgün is all alone. Although he stayed at the prosecutor's house because he had nowhere to go, his pride is hurt. He must escape from the Justice Site, continue on his way alone, and while doing so, he must not be killed. While looking for a way out, Akgün sees a confrontation with a familiar face from Istanbul as an opportunity to solve all his problems. However, things get out of control and this opportunity turns into trouble that will get Akgün and Yağmur into trouble, although he never wanted to.