Sipahi (S01E08)


The rocket will be positioned to hit Ankara from Syria. How will the Sipahi team eliminate this risk of attack? Canan is in the hands of Habtor. Ali cannot reach Habtor due to the risk of being exposed. Habtor is determined to kill Canan if he cannot get his wife and daughter back. Ali, who does not listen to Yıldırım this time, will go to meet with Ivan. Ali has to save Canan. He is ordered to kill a woman with a sack over her head. If this woman is Canan, what will Ali do? Ali, Ezgi and Yusuf will succeed in capturing the Iranian female agent who tried to kill Fahrettin in his hospital bed. So where is the rocket in Syria? Reaching the message written in Canan's blood, will Ali be able to reach Canan alive? A difficult game awaits Ali and Canan. Habtor is more ruthless than ever, like a shark that can smell blood. Their bullets target innocents, even babies. But there is something he forgot; The Sipahi team is standing tall and in front of it.