Sipahi (S01E07)


Habtor's wife and daughter are now in the hands of Turkish Intelligence. Merve, the daughter of the director of the Maritime Administration, was sent to the public with a bomb-laden vest for a treacherous action plan. With Goran and Habtor's plan, Korkut Ali will point a gun at his own grandfather Fahrettin. Where is the ship carrying the rocket? The team takes the young girl with a bomb on her in the crowd and will try to destroy the bomb on her in seconds. Yıldırım Bozok will not let go of the girl's hand even at the cost of death. Because he is a hero who longs for his own daughter and fights for his country. The bad guys Goran and Habtor, who are hit hard, come up with a new plan. Habtor is worried about how to get his daughter and wife back from Turkish Intelligence. The information that the second captain of the ship will give is very important. Will the team be able to get the first captain out of the conflict? A devastating surprise awaits Goran and Habtor, who underestimate the Sipahi team. Ali's grandfather, Fahrettin, will be the person who was assassinated. Unable to prevent the shooting of Fahrettin, who was caught by bullets, Ali will swear revenge on his grandfather, who is in intensive care. The rocket-laden ship will be in Iskenderun Port, and Canan will be in Habtor's hands again. The one who will create great destruction and cannot be stopped is now Ali.