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Seviyor Sevmiyor

Seviyor Sevmiyor


The series tells the story of a couple, who were childhood sweethearts, coming together years later and getting closer to each other through various coincidences and the love games that get complicated with the involvement of other characters.

When Deniz was young, she was the daughter of an extremely wealthy family. She was the apple of the school's eye with her beauty and popularity. Yiğit was the short and fat boy with glasses, who everyone at school made fun of. Their paths crossed in middle school. Although Yiğit is ostracized by everyone, Deniz takes him under her wing. An unforgettable bond forms between them. Deniz becomes Yiğit's first friend and first love. However, when Yiğit had to move to America with his father when he was 15, they were separated. Afterwards, other changes take place in Deniz's life. First her family's printing company goes bankrupt. Then, the beautiful genes she had inherited from her mother disappeared and were replaced by her father's not so beautiful genes. Deniz also loses her gorgeous beauty. Deniz was down on her luck and couldn't find a job after university. When she turns 29, she misses out on life, in her own words. Yiğit, on the other hand, loses weight during this time and becomes an extremely handsome man. As if that wasn't enough, he rises higher and higher in his career.

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