Seversin (S01E11)


Nazlı's statement that “Asya stole my life” hits the agenda like a bombshell. Asya decides to return to her own world from this chaotic environment that has turned her life and family upside down and quits her job. While everyone, especially Bahri, is trying to discourage him, the bravest move will come from Tolga.

Tolga, who gets a job with Asya, who returns to the store where she works, is determined to persuade Asya to return to the series. Nazli, on the other hand, is satisfied with the intense media attention and is sure that she has started a new era in her life, but soon realizes that things will not go as she wanted.

Tolga's efforts and developments on Nazli's side return Asya to the Aşk Girdabı. However, a surprise development in Asia will put Tolga in a corner.