Seversin (S01E10)


While Tolga questions his feelings for Asya, Asya tries to make sense of Tolga's behavior. The news on the set suddenly stops the shooting. Sefa Oran, the screenwriter of AลŸk Girdabi, called Bahri and said that he would no longer write the series. All of a sudden, eyes turn to Tolga because in an interview he gave recently, Tolga mentioned that he improvised eighty percent of the scenes while shooting. Bahri assigns Tolga and Asya to persuade Sefa Oran. When our heroes talk to Sefa Oran, they realize that the real reason behind the issue is a love story with a bad ending. While Asya and Tolga are questioning love in their inner world, will they be able to save Sefa Oran's love and save the future of the Love Vortex series?