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Senden Önce (Betrayals)

Merve sees that Sahra is the mysterious real estate agent that Kaan has been talking about for a long time. When she is sure that Hakan has also seen Sahra, she asks him if he remembers this woman. The little fling between Sahra and Hakan starts to hurt her more and more. Merve acts in accordance with the plan she and Sahra had devised, and this time, she suffers deeply because of that plan.

The two friends, who have defrauded men together in the past, are trapped between their feelings this time. While Sahra is angry at Merve for not sticking to her plans, will she lose her heart to Kaan, whom she approaches to realize her own revenge plan?

Peace emerges from the two women's battle of passion. However, Merve is still wary of Sahra. If she is sincere in her feelings, she will support her. Merve invites Sahra and Kaan to dinner to put an end to the cold war between them. However, Hakan is also invited to the dinner, and an unexpected guest turns all the balances upside down.