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Senden Önce (Betrayals)

Merve and Sahra have collaborated for years by defrauding men. However, things turned upside down when Merve fell in love with Hakan. Their plan was for Sahra to seduce Hakan at the hotel in Ankara, and then Merve and Hakan would divorce. Merve could not stick to the plan, she came to the hotel and spoiled the game in order not to lose her husband. When she confronts Sahra, she ignites the fuse of a big war. Merve is forced to face her biggest fear, the danger of losing Hakan, whom she loves more than anything. 

While Hakan tries to get rid of the traces of the night he spent with Sahra, Merve tries to get rid of the dark shadows of her past. However, Sahra's unexpected move turns everything upside down.

While Hakan and Merve, unbeknownst to each other, make plans to get rid of Sahra, Sahra, burning with revenge, enters their lives in a very different way. Hakan, Merve, Sahra, Kaan, and Ömer's lives, which are entangled with lies to each other, will become inextricable day by day.