Sefirin Kızı: Season 2, Episode 14

Episode 14 (S02E14) is the fourteenth episode of season two of "Sefirin Kızı." The episode aired on Star TV on Monday, December 7th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 12 users.


Gediz, who has been trying to find Akın's body for months to put Sancar in prison, has to prevent that body from being revealed because of the game Sancar has set up. But there are two obstacles to overcome; Sahra and Kahraman.

Seeing that the gap between Nare and him is widening, Sancar prepares a surprise for Nare. The two go out to dinner together for the first time in their lives and try to get along. Will Sancar and Nare be happy leaving that meal?

Is Nare really happy a day before their wedding or is she playing the happiness game as she always does?



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