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Safir (S01E13)

Witnessing Feraye and Yaman's intimacy in the workshop, Ateş is determined to uncover the truth. So, he confronts everyone one by one and asks the questions they are most afraid of.  However, no one answers honestly. Because everyone's hands are tied, there are secrets they protect at the cost of their lives. On the other hand, Ateş is not the only one going after Feraye and Yaman. Aleyna has also started to figure things out. But since she is seen as unreliable, no one takes her accusations seriously. Except Ateş...

As Yaman tries to solve the mystery behind being locked in the workshop with Feraye, he suspects that he is the father of the baby in Feraye's belly. Unable to reach a conclusion this way, Ateş finally decides to bring everyone together and confront them. The night starts just as he planned. Or will all secrets be revealed? Will Yaman learn that Feraye's baby is his?