Safir (S01E12)


Feraye and Okan are bullied by Bora, who has lost his balance with his desire for revenge. Bora is obsessed with Feraye and plans to be together in a world without Yaman and AteลŸ. Feraye, who is more worried about Yaman than herself, does not hide Bora's return any longer. Yaman, who is worried about Feraye, starts to stand closer to her in the face of this danger.

On the other hand, AteลŸ, who has another suspicion, puts Feraye and Yaman under close observation. Although it is an arranged marriage between them, AteลŸ is jealous of Feraye, with whom he has fallen in love. What if he learns that Yaman is the father of the baby... It will be difficult to predict what he will do and what decisions he will make.

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