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Rüzgarlı Tepe (Winds of Love)

Rüzgarlı Tepe (Winds of Love)


Halil, who has been going through hard times with his family when his father is imprisoned for slander, vows revenge when he loses the house where he spent his happiest days. After the death of his parents, he puts his revenge plan into action. He is waiting for the day when he will face the Aslanlı Family, who stole his past and his family. This young man, who has struggled against difficulties since childhood, now returns to the town to take revenge on those who did this evil to him. He has an unexpected encounter with Zeynep, the daughter of the wealthiest family in the town. Everything will be more complicated for Halil, who falls in love with Zeynep at first sight because Zeynep is the daughter of the family Halil wants to take revenge on. Zeynep, who looks like a princess at first glance, is a real warrior who keeps her family together and manages the family business after her father's death. Halil thinks he has won after taking the Aslanlı Family's mansion and all their wealth, but there is something he does not know. He tries to escape his feelings for Zeynep but never succeeds. Even though Zeynep has to fight to get her life back and thinks she hates Halil, he has already settled in her heart. There is no turning back for the two young people caught in the vortex of a great love. Will their love be able to keep Zeynep and Halil strong on this path where every step they take and every decision they make will have a new consequence?
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