Ömer (S02E22)


Ömer, who saves Gamze from the great danger she has fallen into at the last moment, feels deceived when Gamze's lie is exposed and becomes overwhelmed with anger. This development further strains their relationship.

Eda and Nilüfer, who are subjected to Aliye's torment, try to make their voices heard to someone. Meanwhile, Tahir begins to notice some unpleasant aspects of his daughters' education process. Vicdan, who plans to rescue her daughters through a familiar path, takes action to trap Nurettin. Nisa, who stops fighting her emotions, confronts Özgür, but Emine, who is affected by the difficult times she has gone through, takes a step that will put her mother in a very difficult situation.

Reşat, seeking a solution for the housing issue, does not appreciate Çiçek's efforts to support him. However, unexpected support from Nurettin has the power to change all the balances. Gamze, who has suffered a great deal because of what she has experienced, fears losing her bond with Ömer and Tuna due to Şule's insistence on being part of their lives, and eventually makes a move that will even surprise herself.

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