Menajerimi Ara

Menajerimi Ara (S01E43)


With the punch that Barış hit Sinan, the tension between Dicle and Barış starts again. Dicle promises Sinan that Cem Belevi will play the lead role in the film.  Meanwhile, 'Super Ego' continues its war against Ceyda. Cem Belevi makes plans to avoid losing Nursel Köse and Mehmet Esen to Ceyda. Kıraç, Dicle, Gülin and Emrah fight for Cem Belevi. While trying to convince Nursel Köse, Çınar also goes to great lengths to make time for his private life. When it is his turn to Perode to convince Mehmet Esen, Peride is forced to confront her past. However, Barış, who is having a bad time in his relationship with Dicle, makes new decisions about his career.