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Menajerimi Ara (The Agency)

The news that Barış has started working with Ceyda creates a bombshell effect on Ego Ajans. Ceyda quickly wins the heart of Gürgen Öz, who is one of the most important actors of Dicle and has an important role in the union. Knowing that Gürgen Öz is a big bite, Kıraç and Çınar follow the contract prepared by Ceyda.  Dicle, who started to work as a casting director in her friend's movie from university, this time falls to Ego Ajans as the casting director. On the other hand, Peride comes across a completely different business opportunity. Kıraç's actress Sinem Uslu burns her hair with the tongs Kıraç bought from the sponsor the day before the shampoo commercial shoot. However, with the news of the emergency from Bahtiyar Engin's set, Çınar runs.