Menajerimi Ara: Season 1, Episode 31

Episode 31 (S01E31) is the thirty-first episode of season one of "Menajerimi Ara." The episode aired on Star TV on Sunday, March 28th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 14 users.


Dicle gets the news that Kıraç is in the hospital. Kıraç's absence at the agency makes things messy. Dicle and Gülin struggle with the great crisis that broke out with the absence of Kıraç in the movie Aydan Şener will play in. While Serdar Ortaç is going through a great inspiration crisis, the method Çınar suggested to help him takes the two of them on a surprising journey. Feris goes up against Ceyda for Dicle and Kıraç. While all this is happening, Serkan prepares a special surprise for Feris. On the other hand, Barış learns about an information he never expected about his father. While Ceyda's moves cause even more confusion, Kıraç is faced with an unexpected offer.



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