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Kızılcık Şerbeti


Witnessing Doğa and Giray kissing, Fatih withdraws into himself for a while. Meanwhile, Görkem is not idle and takes revenge on Pembe and Nilay for the bag incident. The suspension of Kıvılcım's show leaves her jobless, but as always, Ömer comes to her aid and offers her a position at his company. Kıvılcım starting work at a company where only men are employed will be groundbreaking. 

The relationship between Doğa and Giray progresses slowly but steadily. Giray decides to launch the diaper rash cream Nilay made, bringing him closer to the Ünal family. The only person bothered by this is Fatih, whose discomfort Görkem takes to heart. Seeking advice about his feelings from his uncle, Fatih is influenced by Ömer's guidance, which drives Görkem crazy. Wanting to meet with Ömer leads to a whole new set of problems.