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Kızılcık Şerbeti


Pembe is very surprised by Görkem's sudden change, whom she has been trying hard to marry off to Fatih. She doesn't know what to do. Although she tries to manage the situation for a while, she will have to raise her voice soon. Kayhan is very uncomfortable with the fact that Çimen did not come to Görkem's wedding and will not let go of this issue.

While Ömer and Kıvılcım are very happy to start living in the same house, it will also bring some problems. Giray decides to have a DNA test done due to Nilay's insistence.

Umut and Nursema are trying to save their marriage, but it is getting harder every day. Proving to Alev that he did not push Pembe and, therefore, is innocent is very important for Giray, and he will try to clarify this issue. The person who will lend him the greatest helping hand will unexpectedly appear before him at the least expected moment.

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