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Kızılcık Şerbeti


Ömer, who learns about his illness, decides to hide it from everyone and wants to continue his life that way. Thinking of his loved ones, he tells them that he has nothing important. Kıvılcım is relieved to hear good news from him. For Kıvılcım, her daughter is her priority at the moment. Nursema, who is very happy about the sale of her lines, meets Ertuğrul and they both enjoy each other's company. Pembe, who is obsessed with talking to Alev, spews her hatred the first time she catches her. Alev, affected by Pembe's words, goes to Abdullah, but she has to leave without hearing what she wants. Doğa, who does not allow Fatih to get close to her and her daughter, skillfully eliminates his every attempt, but a big surprise awaits her in the finale.

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