Kızılcık Şerbeti


Doğa leaving Fatih and returning to her mother will cause great turmoil in both families. Although Pembe and Abdullah initially thought of this abandonment as temporary and did not worry too much, they felt the need to deal with the situation when time passed and there was no reconciliation. However, their efforts will not be very effective. Doğa is sad but determined. Abdullah, who was involved in Alev's circumcision of the siblings of the boy who had an accident, will show his difference again, and his approach will affect Alev as usual. The problems arising from the misunderstanding between Nursema and Umut will be solved with the help of Alev. Hearing the events of Nilay and Mustafa buying a boat, Abdullah will be very angry, the relationship between father and son will open up like never before, and Mustafa will take a stand against his father for the first time in his life. Seeing that Kıvılcım is getting far away from him, Ömer will find a way to get together with her and tell Kıvılcım the secret of his life.