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Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar (S01E07)


Cornered by Müyesser, Meryem is forced to choose between what she believes in and her daughter. The only salvation is that the plan they made with Levent to go abroad works. But first they have to reach Zeynep, who has been kidnapped by Cüneyd.

Naim, who confronts Sadi Hüdayi because of Zeynep, follows the advice of Nadire, in whose arms he seeks solace and stirs things up even more, while Beste, who is looking for ways to return, cannot find her family as she left them. Sadi Hüdayi, who has to deal with both Cüneyd and Hande and Birgül, witnesses the power of his nephew over the members of the sect.

When the time comes for Levent to escape despite all the setbacks, Meryem and Zeynep are faced with the most difficult choice of their lives.