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Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar (S01E06)


While Suavi and Levent try to remove the obstacles in the way of sending Zeynep away, Cüneyd, who wants to meet with Levent, learns about Suavi's illness. Cüneyd and Sadi decide to make a surprise visit to the hospital with those at the lodge. This visit will give Müyesser the opportunity to pursue her suspicions about Levent and Meryem. Meanwhile, although Can continues to get into trouble, Mira, who is starting to get used to her mother's absence, is in for a new shock on her birthday. 

Feyza, jealous of Zeynep, plays a game to turn Cüneyd against Zeynep. Cüneyd, shaken by what he hears, confronts Zeynep to demand answers, while despite all of Levent's efforts, Müyesser also learns Meryem's secret. Just as hopes of escape begin to blossom, Meryem and Zeynep find themselves cornered with a horrifying outcome looming ahead.