Kirli Sepeti

Kirli Sepeti (S01E08)


Suddenly finding herself homeless, Songül moves into Canan's house with her children. While Songül tries to hide the truth from İlkkan, İlkgül, and Kahraman's relationship will have consequences that no one expects. Medine, who feels safe in the same house as Murat, is very impressed when she hears Murat's true thoughts about her. But Aylin, who is aware of the course of this relationship, will not give them peace. Will Medine end up like Meryem? While even Hayriye cannot keep track of the ever-changing alliances, Batu and Doğu are again the most affected by the Cold War on the site. Seeing the pain of her children, Nergis decides to declare war on Feyyaz.

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