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Kirli Sepeti (Dirty Laundry)

As Hayriye's responsibilities at home increase, she now has another boss. This boss slaps the harsh realities of life in Hayriye's face. Just as Hayriye is being crushed under these realities, someone from the past appears and brings a smile to her face. But this happiness does not last long because this reunion suddenly turns all the arrows on Hayriye and makes her the prime suspect in Yasemin's kidnapping. However, there is a much more powerful and hateful enemy behind all this. Happy as if she is getting her daughter married, Songül rushes to Medine's wedding shopping. While Medine is running around with her mouth in her ears, the people upstairs once again sternly point out the difference between them and those below. As the saying goes, he who laughs too much cries too much...

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