Kirli Sepeti

Kirli Sepeti (S01E19)


Songül, Medine, and Hayriye's destinies change suddenly all at once. Along with newcomers, there are also those who depart. While Songül grapples with separations that are difficult to overcome, life painfully reminds her of the true value of what she has lost. When it comes to love, Hayriye, who never seems to learn, turns a blind eye to everything. But unfortunately, every lie eventually comes to light, especially if it hasn't been well concealed. When Medine becomes the victim of a perfectly crafted lie, she is not only tested in terms of love but also in terms of her morality. So, will they be able to overcome these challenging situations this time? Will these characters whose lives have been turned upside down be able to confront the truth and rise again?

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