Kasaba Doktoru

Kasaba Doktoru (S01E13)


Hakan returns with a surprise decision about Erol Bey's surgery. The team is split on the idea that such an operation could be done in six hours, but soon joins forces around a common goal. Towards the day of the surgery, the pressure on Hakan, Ömer, Leyla and Mine increases.

Since Leyla cannot tell Ömer the secret she learned about Mediha, she starts to stay away from him. Despite all of Mine's concerns about the surgery, the support she gives to Hakan strengthens the bond between them.

Meanwhile, Arzu and Yalçฤฑn make a plan. Yalçฤฑn forces Hakan to make a choice. Hakan will either switch teams to operate with the surgeons of GümüลŸok Hospital or perform live surgery under pressure in front of a crowded team of surgeons. Hakan does not leave his team and accepts all the difficult conditions and goes into surgery...